Try the Bishop Cocktail recipe with Le Vista red wine

After a long day of stressful and tiring work, you would want to relax with a strange alcoholic drink, or if you are planning to organize a sparkling and chill night party with your friends, a glass of Bishop Cocktail will be the perfect choice. And it would be even more special when you make your own Bishop Cocktail recipe with Le Vista red wine.

What is a Bishop Cocktail?

Bishop Cocktail is the name of a drink made by combining a red wine with mostly juice. To make it easy to imagine, Bishop Cocktail has a taste quite similar to Cocktail Sangria mixed in a fairly simple way. But it doesn’t mean that the Bishop cocktail is bland, there is no denying that the combination of red wine and juice makes this drink so attractive and unique. That flavor will be more sublimated when you pair it with Le Vista red wine.

There is nothing better than making a cocktail yourself, but this will often take up a lot of your time. However, you don’t need to fret about that as there is a quicker solution. That’s the Punch version, it can meet everyone’s requirements because it can easily be changed to serve hot or cold.

Bishop cocktail versions

Bishop Cocktail is created with a hint of a classic style. Therefore, its taste will be really different and interesting compared to famous modern-style drinks of the same name. Talking about the birth of this classic recipe, one must mention the book “The Old Waldorf-Astoria Bar Book” by author AS Crockett. Originating and popularizing from the print in 1935, the recipe for mixing is divided into two main versions: single, which means one-by-one or Punch, which corresponds to large parties.

Recipe for making Bishop Cocktail with Le Vista wine

The recipe for making Bishop Cocktail is not really complicated, but the price is also not too low, to be more precise, quite expensive. Some ingredients may not be widely available, so to better prepare for your party, buy them before the day of the event. Here is a specific recipe to make a Bishop Cocktail with Le Vista red wine in a few minutes.


  • Three ounces of Rum.
  • An ounce of Le Vista red wine.
  • One teaspoon of syrup.
  • Half a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice.

Steps for making Bishop Cocktail:

  • Step 1: Prepare all the ingredients.
  • Step 2: Pour the mixture into a cocktail shaker prepared filled with ice.
  • Step 3: Shake well.
  • Step 4: Pour the mixture that has just been shaken into the previously prepared Le Vista red wine glass.
  • Step 5: Decorate as you like
  • Step 6: Enjoy the finished product Bishop Cocktail combined with Le Vista wine.

Classic Bishop Cocktail

The unique feature in the recipe for the Punch version of Bishop Cocktail is to change the amount of Rum and Le Vista red wine needed. In a light party with friends, instead of using the recipe with a bottle of Rum, which will make the guests quickly fall in love, use a bottle of Le Vista red wine to prolong the really chill atmosphere of the party. The specific recipe is as follows:

Bishop Cocktail Punch Version Ingredients

  • A bottle of Le Vista red wine.
  • Three ounces of Rum.
  • Juice of half a lemon.
  • Four super smooth sugar bar spoons.

What’s different about Bishop Cocktail in modern style?

If you’ve fallen in love with the taste of Le Vista red wine and want to enjoy a Bishop cocktail without using rum, it’s completely possible. This is the modern version of the Bishop Cocktail. Instead of using rum you will completely replace it with Le Vista red wine.

At the same time, continue to discover the newness of this drink by combining two types of orange juice and lemon juice to feel its freshness and uniqueness. Basically, the capacity of the juice in the Bishop cocktail does not need to be changed, you just need to divide it up by half, one for orange juice, one for lemon juice in the original recipe.

Bishop Cocktail theo phong cách hiện đại có gì khác biệt

Above is the recipe of Bishop Cocktail with Le Vista red wine with many versions: classic, modern and punch. Hopefully, the above detailed information will help you to prepare well for your holiday and your friends. Good luck!