Have you tried Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label with grilled sausage?

Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label is an Australian Shiraz with a capacity of 750ml and a concentration of 14.3%, aged since 2018. Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label will offer the full experience of a classy red wine with medium tannins but also adequate.

Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label wine is extracted from Shiraz grapes grown in the New South Wall of Australia – the land which has all the conditions to produce the best grapes. Le Vista Shiraz is a wine line recognized by many famous wine experts in the world with the quality of grapes harvested from vines over 20 years old, aged and fermented according to strict processes.

Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label from Australia is one of the “princes” of red wine, and also the optimal solution for those who want to enjoy life but still keep their health to the fullest. Red wine has long been seen as a drink for a healthy heart.

The antioxidants in red wine help prevent coronary heart disease, one of the causes of heart attacks. The polyphenols in wine help protect the lining of the blood vessels of the heart. In addition, resveratrol, which comes from the skins of grapes used to make wine is also good for your health, it helps prevent damage to blood vessels, lowers bad cholesterol and prevents blood clotting.

Combine the senses when enjoying Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label wine

  • Visual: judge the color of Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label wine by shaking the wine glass in a circular motion to be able to check the consistency of the wine you are drinking. When gently shaking the wine glass, hold the glass in its foot to avoid the heat from the hand from changing the taste.
  • Smell: analyze the aroma and strength of alcohol. The aroma of wine usually has two parts, the first note is the characteristic smell of the grape, the last note is the reaction characterized by yeast and wine age.
  • Taste: feel the intensity of the wine, sweetness, acidity and acridity, the aftertaste of Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label wine remains long after swallowing. Sipping is a way to drink wine to the fullest, avoid drinking a whole mouthful of wine without feeling the taste

Try pairing Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label with grilled sausage!

Grilled sausage is a favorite dish of not only children but also adults, especially when paired with wine to bring about a standard European experience. The way to cook grilled sausage is not too complicated, so anyone can do it. Besides, the taste of grilled sausage is extremely delicious, not as greasy as fried in oil, combined with a slight bitterness of Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label wine to ensure that once you enjoy it, you will love it.

There is nothing more wonderful than sipping a glass of wine with hot, crispy grilled sausages. Right from the first taste, you can’t miss the distinctive flavor of the sausage, the fatty taste accompanied by the aroma of the classic Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label red wine.

Steps to have a great plate of grilled sausages with Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label wine

  • Before grilling, the sausages should be blanched in boiling water for about 8 minutes, then drained. This way, the sausage will not be easily scorched when baking.
  • Grease a little oil and place the sausage in a pan or grill over medium heat and turn all sides to prevent the sausage from drying out.
  • Increase the temperature, stirring gently, until the sausage is cooked evenly and has a nice golden color.

Each wine will taste different because it is produced depending on the characteristics of the climate, soil, different grapes, different processing methods and storage methods. Besides, each type of wine will have different combinations with different accompaniments to create an explosion of taste. Once you have selected a Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label wine with great taste, pair it with grilled sausages for an enjoyable experience.