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Wine has long been an indispensable drink in luxury parties to stimulate the taste buds and enhance the health of users. This is not only a simple drink but also enhances the taste and quality of meals as well as brings many health benefits. Understanding that, Le Vista has brought to the Vietnamese market the premium Le Vista Shiraz wine brand from the land of Kangaroo.

Le Vista Shiraz – The perfect choice

Le Vista Shiraz is one of the brands of the company Legacy Pacific. Le Vista inherits the technologies and develops on the long-standing reputation of Swanbrook Winery – a classic brand that owns Australia’s second oldest great grapes, up to 117 years old. The priceless property that Le Vista Shiraz Australia is proud of is an ancient vineyard that is up to decades old.

We have brought to the Vietnamese market our signature quintessential wine. Le Vista Shiraz contains 14.3% alcohol, combined with the sweetness of black olives and richness of blueberries to create a seductive fruit flavor. Therefore, we confidently conquer the sophisticated taste of the Vietnamese culinary world.

Le Vista Shiraz also pays special attention to the health of Vietnamese consumers and aims to improve people’s immune systems in the community. Our wines contain typical antioxidants such as flavonoids and resveratrol. These substances can also reduce stress by helping to lower bad cholesterol as well as prevent blood clots. As a result, not only diners in America, Europe but also Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, are very fond of wines from this Kangaroo country.

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Core values from Le Vista

With the mission of helping consumers improve their health and create unique flavors, we aspire to become the leading brand in the hearts of Vietnamese diners with premium wine bottles produced and imported from Australia. We are committed that each product that reaches our customers’ hands is genuine as well as carefully preserved in the best environment.

Despite being young, Le Vista always strives to research and strives not only to bring the true values of wine to customers but also spread widely into the food-loving community.

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Dedicated customer service

Not only focusing on wine quality, Le Vista always considers customers as the foundation for development. Therefore, our mission is to bring you the ideal experience in each product from the taste buds to the dedicated service with after-sales services for consumers.

Understanding the truth that each glass of wine is not only a drink but also a factor that unites the human spirit. The staff is ready to advise on the most appropriate product lines for each occasion. Le Visitors’ satisfaction makes us very proud.

Our Products

Guarantee when buying wine at Le Vista

When buying wine at Le Vista, we guarantee you complete peace of mind because

  • Products before reaching customers are always checked for quality from the origin to the production process as well as a commitment to only sell genuine quality wine.
  • When customers put their trust in Le Vista, we make sure to take care of the quality from the wine to the experience.
  • All bottles of wine are stored in an ideal environment to ensure the output product is always of the best quality and flavor.
  • Absolutely say no to selling hand-carried goods as well as goods that cannot be proven about the origin of the product.
  • Reasonable price policy goes hand in hand with excellent wine quality.

A little yeast of wine will not only stimulate the flavor of the dish but also increase the taste of life. So come to Le Vista to own high-class wine bottles as well as enjoy the wonderful experiences that we bring to you.

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