Explode your taste buds with Le Vista Limited Edition with foie gras

Drinking wine is not only drinking but also a process of contemplating and enjoying the aroma, taste, acridness as well as feeling the mind and talent of the person making that wine. Not only to enjoy the taste, wine is also a connection, exchange, healing and strengthening of human relationships with each other.

If you want to take the time to experience and taste each glass of wine but haven’t had an excellent choice of wine, try combining a bottle of Le Vista Limited Edition with foie gras to once enjoy the quintessence and flavor explosion.

About Le Vista Limited Edition wine

From thousands of years ago, people knew how to extract and mature wine in wooden barrels to ferment from ripe grapes. Over hundreds of years, people have mixed, fermented, and followed strict processes to create world famous wines…

Le Vista Limited Edition wines are extracted from Shiraz grapes grown in the New South Wall of Australia – the land which has all the conditions to produce the best grapes. The quality of Le Vista Limited Edition wines is recognized by many famous experts in the world and is adjusted to suit the taste and price of Vietnamese people.

Le Vista Limited Edition is a soft Australian Shiraz with medium but full tannins. The taste presents a rich variety of plums, red berries, and raspberries, with subtle spice that makes the finish long.

A bottle of Le Vista Limited Edition wine with a capacity of 750ml and a concentration of 14.3% will bring the full experience of high-class red wine.

The special taste of foie gras

Foie gras can be found at high-end restaurants, at a price that doesn’t come cheap. Therefore, many people have wondered: “Liver is an organ with no high value, so why is foie gras so expensive?”

Foie gras is a dish that helps you enter the culinary world full of passion. From the moment you put the foie gras in your mouth, the flavor begins to spread on the tongue, you will notice the sweetness spreading in a very gentle and delicate way. The taste of foie gras is a gentle and delicate combination of sweetness and saltiness, surprisingly soft and smooth. Sometimes, the liver is so soft that diners think they are eating a piece of fine butter, slowly melting on the tip of their tongue.

Not only enjoy foie gras to feel the taste, foie gras is also recommended because it contains many unsaturated fatty acids that can reduce the rate of bad cholesterol in the body and nourish the blood. In addition, scientists have also proven that this delicious and fatty dish can inhibit cancer cells and have high antioxidant properties. In particular, foie gras is also good for people with eye diseases, often thanks to its high vitamin A content as well as strengthening the body’s immunity, anti-aging, repelling dementia, …

The combination of Le Vista Limited Edition with foie gras

Le Vista Limited Edition wines are considered a great pairing with foie gras. After enjoying the greasy and smooth foie gras, accompanied by a little wine will stimulate the taste buds of any diners.

Enjoying foie gras with a glass of Le Vista Limited Edition wine is always a classic favorite. Gourmets always appreciate pairing a rich dish with Le Vista Limited Edition wines to create an explosion of taste in both food and drink.

Each type of wine is produced depending on the characteristics of the climate and soil of each region, according to each type of grape, different wine processing and storage recipes, and including the care of the wine producers. Once you have selected a bottle of Le Vista Limited Edition with great taste, pair it with foie gras to enjoy this delicate combination.

Foie gras should be enjoyed with Le Vista Limited Edition – a red wine made from overripe grapes on the branch. The sweet wine, the aroma and the fattiness of foie gras deserves to be the quintessence of cuisine that you can hardly ignore.