Excellent duo with Le Vista Shiraz Limited Edition and beef stew

From an unknown country in the wine industry, Australia has now become the 5th largest wine exporter in the world. Although appearing after wines from France or some other European countries, Australian wines are not inferior in terms of quality, color and especially taste, particularly Le Vista Shiraz Limited Edition. However, paired with wine, beef dishes prepared in many different ways must be mentioned. Today, let’s try the combination from the duo Le Vista Shiraz Limited Edition with beef stew!

Le Vista Shiraz Limited Edition – Fine Australian Wines

There are many different brands of wine on the market today. Wine is gradually gaining popularity in most restaurants because of the formality it brings. That’s why there are now many fake wines on the market at low prices.

Coming to Le Vista, you will enjoy a pure wine extracted 100% from the Shiraz grape variety over 20 years old, then aged and fermented according to a strict testing process without having to worry about the quality of the product.

Le Vista Shiraz is a famous Australian wine line recognized by wine experts as a quality wine from ingredients to taste. This famous wine originates from the land of Kangaroo with 20-year-old Shiraz grape fields.


  • Grape variety: Shiraz
  • Origin: Australia
  • Concentration: 13.8%
  • Vintage: 2018
  • Capacity: 750ml
  • Packing: red seal lid, yellow label

Le Vista Shiraz red wine is made from 100% Shiraz grapes from the Kangaroo region, has a dark red color with an alcohol content of 13.8%. The wine has aromas of fermented fruit, plums, raspberries, and red berries, combined with a hint of pepper. Le Vista wine can both be used as an ingredient for cooking beef stew and can be used as a drink to enjoy food.

Excellent duo Le Vista Shiraz Limited Edition combined with beef stew

In Vietnam, wine is popular and familiar in family meals. Wine is not only used as a drink in meals but also combined in processing. Among the dishes cooked with wine, we must mention the famous beef stew with wine.

Stewed beef is a dish worth trying in gatherings with family and friends. With the typical delicious flavor of beef mixed with spices combined with the sweet taste of Le Vista wine, it will make your dishes more excellent and attractive.

Why are beef stew and Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label wine such an excellent duo?

Stewed beef is a simple dish and quick to prepare, but when eaten, people are captivated by the pieces of meat that melt in the mouth, rich in flavor.

Stewed beef has high nutritional value, suitable for most ages from children to the elderly. Therefore, enjoying stewed beef is very beneficial for health. In addition to high protein content, beef also provides iron, B vitamins, zinc, etc., which is good for red blood cell regeneration and the immune system becomes healthier.

How to make beef stew with wine Le Vista Shiraz

Ingredients to prepare:

  • 500g fine beef sliced into cubes
  • 1 carrot, peeled and sliced
  • 1 potato, peeled and sliced
  • 1 onion cut into squares
  • Cooking oil, minced garlic, parsley, black pepper
  • ½ cup of Le Vista wine
  • ¾ cup of ketchup

How to make Le Vista red wine beef stew

Heat oil and sauté garlic until fragrant. Then add the beef, parsley to stir-fry, stir and season with a little seasoning to taste. After the beef is cooked, add carrots, potatoes, and onions, stir to infuse the spices.

Then add Le Vista red wine and tomato sauce, bring to a boil, then reduce heat to low. Stew the ingredients for about 40 minutes until soft, slightly thickened. Add a little black pepper for aroma and then turn off the heat. Remember to stir while stewing to avoid burning at the bottom of the pot.

So we have finished today’s special dish.  You can enjoy this dish with bread or rice. Wish you success with beef stew combined with Le Vista Red Wine for a delicious meal.

If you would like to buy Le Vista Shiraz Limited Edition, please contact Le Vista immediately for advice and purchase instructions.