Attractive combination of Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label with pizza

Wines are a fairly common drink today but it seems to retain its inherent luxury. There are many different ways to drink wine with different combinations, but for a person who is not knowledgeable about the wine world, this is a difficult matter. So what is wine combined with, how to use wine in meals, and which wine is associated with which food, let’s keep track with Le Vista to learn completely about famous dishes used with wine.

Today, Le Vista will share the perfect combination from Couple Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label with Pizza.

Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label wine

On the market nowadays, there are many wines with many brands and different prices. This makes customers confused because they don’t know which wine should be used.

If you have never tried Le Vista, try the Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label on the banquet table and enjoy it along with the dish you love. With the sweet taste extracted from Shiraz varieties over 20 years old grown in the land of Kangaroo on the Swan valley, along with attractive bright red color will give you a novel taste.

Also Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label is tested, recognized by the world’s leading wine experts. Extraction, incubation and fermentation from 100% Shiraz grapes are famous for its strict inspection process, ensuring the food hygiene and safety and the most stored flavor.

Le Vista wine is the red wine produced by Le Vista. Featured with the scent of grape, raspberries, and plums, red berries, and the elegant fragrance, warmth of black pepper. In particular, Le Vista wine also has a little light acrid taste because of an average tannin, but still full. The characteristic red wine mixed with flavors from red berries, the natural light acrid taste of the fruit makes Le Vista Gold Label different from the first touch.

Product information: Le Vista Gold Label

  • Grape variety: Shiraz
  • Origin: Australia
  • Concentration: 14.3%
  • Vintage: 2018
  • Capacity: 750ml
  • Packing: high, long glass bottles, with mysterious black, golden labels.

How to choose the right wine

Firstly, when you choose wine for yourself, think about your taste: Do you like it or not, bitter or not, sour or sweet? That will help you choose a bottle of your right wine, instead of spending money to buy an expensive wine whose taste is not what you want.

Secondly when buying wine, think of which dish you’ll pair it with, so it will help you identify the flavor and choose the most suitable wine. Each wine has different flavors depending on the alcohol content, concentration, acridity, sourness, sweetness and fragrance. These flavors blend together to create a typical flavor of the wine. In the West, people often say that the white wine goes well with seafood and red wine goes with red meat because red wines are often richer than white wines. That way, your taste will be harmonious between wine and the dish without counterfeit.

In order to meet the needs and taste of customers, Le Vista also has diverse wines to serve your needs:

  • Red lid wine: Vista Shiraz Limited Edition
  • Wine white label: Le Vista Shiraz White Label
  • Golden Label Wine: Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label

Combination of Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label and Pizza

Wine and pizza are the unexpectedly perfect couple because tinnin in wine will help balance protein and fat in the dish to help everything blend harmoniously.

Although pizza is considered unhealthy food, if we know how to enjoy it moderately, the hot and delicious pizza will become a great dish. When eating pizza, it will be great if you use the Le Vista Gold label because of the light and fruity tastes. Not only that, Le Vista Gold Label also helps digest the fat in pizza so that your dish is enhanced with more flavor without being aggravated too much.

The above are useful sharing when using Red Wine Le Vista Shiraz with pizza. We wish you will have a great experience of Le Vista wine bottle when you don’t know what food to pair it with. If you want to own a Le Vista wine bottle, please contact us for advice and support.