The secret to distinguishing real and fake wine

In any party or every Tet holiday, wine is one of the favorite and indispensable drinks. However, on the market today, many poor quality wines are floating, pretending to be famous brands. If you are afraid of encountering fake wine, absolutely do not ignore the article below. Let Le Vista tell you the secrets to distinguishing real and fake wines.

Bí quyết phân biệt rượu vang thật và giả Le Vista

Observing the bottle of wine from the outside

Pay attention to the ingredients

Often, fake wines are not fully fermented from grapes as well as mixed with many flavorings, colors and preservatives. In addition, you should pay special attention to the sugar content of wine. For unsweetened wine, the sugar is only about 4g/l, for semi-sweet wine, 18g/l, and for sweet wine, 45g/l. If you see more sugar than this standard and the label does not notify about the change, then the bottle of wine is definitely a fake of poor quality.

Check the volume

This is a simple way of distinguishing wine, but requires careful attention. In the wine industry, products are bottled automatically, so the volume of wine bottles is equal. In contrast, handmade wine bottles cannot do this. So when you buy wine, observe the volume of bottles of the same brand to check if the volume is uniform or not.

Observe the label and material of the bottle

Most fake wine bottles will have poor quality bottle material as well as color printing that is not sharp and easily fades. In particular, you should pay attention to the color of the bottle label and the company’s logo. A fake bottle of wine will not be invested in elaborate details, so this is the secret to effectively distinguishing real from fake.

Bí quyết phân biệt rượu vang thật và giả Quan sát nhãn và chất liệu của chai Le Vista

Distinguishing wine when opened

Test with baking soda

You pour the wine into a clear glass, then put in a little baking soda powder. If the color of the wine becomes darker or changes, the wine is real. The reason for this is that the ingredients in fake wine are additives, so they will not react with baking soda.

Use white vinegar

This is one of the most effective methods to help you distinguish quality wine. To do this, use a glass of wine with baking soda (in the step above) and add a teaspoon of white vinegar. If the wine returns to its original color soon after, it is real wine.

Bí quyết phân biệt rượu vang thật và giả sử dụng dấm trắng Le Vista

Test it with a tissue

The way to do this method is to drip wine onto a tissue. If the tissue turns dark red and spreads evenly over the surface, it means the wine is real. On the contrary, if the paper has cloudy white water stains separated from the dark red layer, it is certain that the poor quality wine uses a lot of chemical dyes.

Use glycerin

According to the American newspaper Brightside, a trick to check the quality of wine is to add a few drops of glycerin to the wine glass. When testing wine, you should use a clear glass to make it easier to see. If you see the wine sink to the bottom and do not change color, this is the real wine. And in case the wine turns yellow or red, it proves that this is fake or poor quality wine.

Use chalk

Chalk is a very easy method to distinguish real wine from fake. You just need to put a drop or a few drops on white chalk, if the result is that the alcohol on the chalk after drying becomes brighter, you can rest assured that it is real alcohol, while if the chalk changes color clearly, it means that the alcohol contains coloring agents.

Bí quyết phân biệt rượu vang thật và giả Sử dụng phấn viết bảng Le Vista

The above article has shown you how to check the quality of wine and distinguish real wine from fake wine. Le Vista believes that wine will be a special and meaningful gift for loved ones on important occasions. So don’t hesitate to contact us to own excellent quality Australian Le Vista Shiraz bottles!