How to make a simple fruit cocktail at home with Le Vista

Red wine is more and more popular and familiar in luxury parties, but the combination of wine and cocktail has created a taste explosion in the palate with a perfect balance between freshness and passionate taste. If you are struggling to know what to make for your loved ones, the following article is for you. Let Le Vista tell you how to make a simple fruit cocktail at home with Australian wine Le Vista Shiraz!

Explode your taste buds with Fruit Cocktails

Fruit cocktail is a blend of one or more types of wine with fresh fruits or fruit juices and some other ingredients such as honey, soda…

When the ingredients are combined and concocted by a special recipe along with the skillful decoration of the bartender, it creates a cocktail that not only appeals to the taste buds but also looks like a work of art. This beverage can satisfy the whole eye of the beholder.

The secret to making a successful fruit cocktail right from the first try is to balance the taste between the freshness and sweetness of the fruit and the strong passion with a little bit of spice from the wine.

In addition, adding too much fruit to the wine when mixing will also lose the distinctive flavor of the wine. Oranges, lemons, pears, apples, and strawberries are the most popular fruits used in the preparation.

The base wine for this drink can be chosen according to taste and preferences, but within the framework of this article, Le Vista will introduce the seductive combination of ripe oranges and Australian wine Le Vista Shiraz.

Necessary ingredients to make fresh orange cocktail

To complete this cocktail, you must prepare the following ingredients:

  • 30ml Le Vista wine (You can choose 1 of 3 types: Le Vista Shiraz Limited, Le Vista Shiraz White Label, Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label)
  • 30ml pure orange juice.
  • 20ml lemon juice.
  • 1 fresh orange.
  • Orange peel.
  • Small ice cubes.

Details of how to make fresh orange cocktail

Step 1: Prepare the ingredients

The first thing you need to do when making fruit cocktails in general and fresh cocktails in particular is to prepare the fruit ingredients first by washing them with water and salt. Then, you slice the orange into small and beautiful circles. With the orange peel, don’t rush to throw it away because you can use it for decoration.

Step 2: Make the cocktail

You put 30ml of Le Vista wine with 30ml of pure orange juice and lemon juice into the shaker, then use a dedicated tool to gently stir. Then you put small ice cubes into the jar and shake well.

In this step, you need to determine the appropriate shaking time and force. At this time, the ice part interacts with the alcohol mixture and collides with the body of the bottle and then melts. This helps the wine mix to be properly diluted with water as well as creating a perfect balance of flavor without being too harsh.

Step 3: Garnish and enjoy

After shaking, pour the mixture into a glass. For decoration, you can use fresh orange slices prepared on the side of the glass, or you can replace them with dried orange slices.

Leave the orange peel on the glass, now you will have a fresh orange cocktail that is both attractive in terms of look but also delicious and fresh in taste. This recipe can be applied with some other fruits.

Now it’s time to enjoy the finished orange cocktail!

Recipes for making fruit cocktails

  • If the fruit is orange or lemon, you should choose the seedless variety.
  • Peel the skin so that it retains the inherent aroma of each fruit and does not have a bitter taste.
  • Avoid putting too much sugar in the cocktail
  • You can add herbs to Cocktails like cinnamon, mint…

Above is an eye-catching and unforgettable fruit cocktail recipe. Le Vista believes that you have added an ideal drink to the menu to treat your friends at summer parties or picnics. Do not hesitate to try to make a fruit cocktail with Le Vista Shiraz wine to enjoy the great taste with us!