Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label Wine Tasting

Wine is becoming more and more popular and appears on the menus of most restaurants. For those who are inexperienced, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the variety of wines and it is not easy to choose the right bottle of wine. So let’s experience Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label wine to make the right choice!

Australian wine with Shiraz grape variety

Although Australian wine has a history that is not as long as other wine-making regions in the world, it is known and loved by many people thanks to its varieties and attractive quality.

Across Australia, wine is produced on more than 60 vineyards. It is worth mentioning that the climate and weather conditions of the land of Kangaroo are quite good, so the grape varieties grown here have high yields.

Among them, the Shiraz grape variety is a type of grape that cannot be ignored because of its popularity around the world. The flavor that Shiraz brings is ripe red fruit flavors from rich blueberries combined with the sweetness of black olives.

When enjoying Australian Shiraz you will feel an explosion of sharp and powerful flavors from the berries as well as a finish with a spicy pepper aftertaste on the palate.

Exterior design impression of Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label

The exterior design of the Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label bottle is quite simple, but exudes a luxurious look with its full black body. The highlight of this bottle is the gold label with the V logo of Le Vista. So this will be the optimal choice when you need to give gifts during the holidays.

In addition, you can see basic information about Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label such as year, alcohol content, capacity… However, to evaluate the quality of this wine, let’s experience Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label right below.

Reasons why you should try Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label

Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label is made from juicy and delicious Shiraz grapes from South Australia. Not only that, to ensure excellent wine quality, Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label is aged and fermented according to strict standards. Therefore, the finished product has a strong enough flavor with a passionate and seductive aroma that captivates anyone who has ever tasted it.

Putting your nose in to taste and try a sip of wine into your throat, you will feel a light sweetness, a faint taste of natural aroma from fresh grapes. Right from the moment you enjoy the first sip of wine, Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label offers a full mouthful of rich flavors of fresh fruit mixed with a strong spicy touch.

However, to feel all the deliciousness of Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label, you have to wait for the lingering aftertaste. Moreover, Vista Shiraz Gold Label possesses a concentration of 14.5% with medium tannins, providing many complex flavors. Therefore, Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label is suitable for many customers as well as can conquer even the most demanding diners. 

Where to buy genuine Le Vista Shiraz Limited Edition

To own an authentic Le Vista Shiraz Limited Edition bottle, please contact Le Vista Vietnam right away. You will be convinced by:

  • Products before reaching customers are always checked for quality from the origin to the production process as well as a commitment to only sell genuine quality wine.
  • When customers put their trust in Le Vista, we make sure to take care of the quality from the wine to the experience.
  • All bottles of wine are stored in an ideal environment to ensure the output product is always of the best quality and flavor.
  • Absolutely say no to selling hand-carried goods as well as goods that cannot be proven about the origin of the product.
  • Reasonable price policy goes hand in hand with excellent wine quality.

Through all the above, you have experienced a bottle of Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label with impressive flavor. We believe that this is the perfect choice for luxurious parties as well as a meaningful gift for loved ones on holidays. If you need advice or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Le Vista’s consulting team right away!