What does wine expert Alex Thinh say about Le Vista?

Wine is a special drink that is no longer too strange on luxurious tables. In which, Australian wine must be mentioned, despite being born late, it is famous for its excellent wines, attracting people to enjoy. If you do not know anything about Le Vista wine from the land of Kangaroo, let’s see what wine expert Alex has to say about Le Vista in the article down below!

Who is wine expert Alex Thinh?

Alex Thinh is a leading wine tasting expert in Vietnam with 20 years of experience working in the field of wine appraisal in particular and the culinary field in general. He has 8 years of experience working in the culinary field at famous 5-star hotels in Hanoi (Sofitel Metropole, Hilton Hanoi Opera and Sofitel Plaza) and 4 years working at hotels in Macau.

That’s why he won the first prize of the contest “The Best Vietnamese Sommelier Competition 2015” and the third prize of the contest “The best bartender in Southeast Asia 2015” . Alex Thinh is the pioneer to bring culture and knowledge about wine to a large number of wine lovers as well as making many contributions to the wine industry in Vietnam.

Comments of expert Alex Thinh about Le Vista

In the Wine Dining session to temporarily launch Le Vista product with the presence of leading wine appraisers (Sommelier) in Vietnam, especially Mr. To Viet, Alex Thinh shared his experiences as well as comments and suggestions for the development orientation of Le-Vista.

Specifically, he shared that: “I have worked in the culinary field for a long time, but only when I went to France did I feel all aspects of wine, from ingredients to stages. Talking about Australian wine, this is a beauty that blends classic winemaking methods with creativity and youthfulness. Le Vista has done a good job of that when bringing a fresh fruit flavor combined with a mild spicy taste in the mouth.”

In addition, Le Vista wine is also highly appreciated by other experts for its quality, from color to flavor as follows: “I was quite surprised with the quality of Le Vista wine. Le Vista offers the perfect balance of flavors as well as a mild spicy aftertaste from rich Shiraz grapes.”

Wine products of Le Vista

The Australian red wine line Le Vista Shiraz Limited Edition is considered as the symbol of the premium wine brand from the land of Kangaroo. Le Vista Shiraz Limited Edition shows its attractiveness through its dense dark red wine as well as fully reveals the passionate flavor of fresh fruit combined with the sweetness of blueberries and the delicacy of black olives.

Next, Le Vista Shiraz White Label must be mentioned, which is one of the most popular wines. What makes Le Vista Shiraz White Label brand is the impressive taste mixed with fresh fruit flavors at a reasonable price. At the same time, Vista Shiraz White Label offers many complex flavors, especially leaving a lingering aftertaste.

The taste of Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label is unforgettable for anyone who has tasted it once. Made with plump and delicious Shiraz grapes from the South Australian region, Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label has a strong enough flavor and seductive aroma in a very unique way.

Guarantee when buying Le Vista Shiraz White Label

When buying wine at Le Vista, we guarantee you complete peace of mind because

  • Products before reaching customers are always checked for quality from the origin to the production process as well as a commitment to only sell genuine quality wine.
  • When customers put their trust in Le Vista, we make sure to take care of the quality from the wine to the experience.
  • All bottles of wine are stored in an ideal environment to ensure the output product is always of the best quality and flavor.
  • Absolutely say no to selling hand-carried goods as well as goods that cannot be proven about the origin of the product.
  • Reasonable price policy goes hand in hand with excellent wine quality.

The above article has shared the assessment of wine expert Alex Thinh about Le Vista. We believe that Le Vista is not only a companion for luxurious parties but also a special gift to give each other on any occasion. If you need advice or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Le Vista’s consulting team right away!