Ways and tips for choosing a fine bottle of wine

With the wide availability of wine, it is easy to find delicious bottles of wine as well as fine wines. But it is difficult to choose the right wine to your taste and desire among millions of different wine brands. In the article below, Le Vista tells you how to choose an easy wine as well as pocket-friendly tips!

Cách chọn rượu vang và mẹo chọn rượu vang hảo hạng Le Vista

How to choose wine

Use wine classification

This is the easiest and most effective method of assessment, used by many wine professionals. The wine classifications in each country have certain differences. To use this method, you need to have certain knowledge.

Let’s learn with Le Vista the wine classification of France – the leading wine producing country in the world:

  • Vin de table/Vin de France: This is a type of wine often used in daily meals of the French.
  • Vin de pays: higher than Vin de table but not very popular in Vietnam.
  • IGP: The wines in this category are produced without any French wine standards and are made from free-growing grapes.
  • AOC: These are high-class and diverse wines from many wine-growing regions of France.
  • Premier Cru: Belongs to the AOC category but has higher value and quality and is often used on special holidays.
  • Grand Cru: Under the AOC category but higher quality than Premier Cru and is often very expensive.

Pay attention to the annual grape harvest

The grape harvest year is one of the important factors determining the quality of wine for the former continental wine group. Because of the countries in this group, grape yield mostly depends on natural environmental conditions and does not mix many seasons together, such as France and Italy.

Cách chọn rượu vang và mẹo chọn rượu vang hảo hạng Chú ý niên vụ thu hoạch nho hàng năm Le Vista

Therefore, you should consider the year of the grape harvest annually if you are looking for a bottle of wine from the former continent. As a result, you will choose wines that are delicious and right for your taste and purpose.

Pay attention to wine-producing regions

Each production area will have different geographical characteristics, so a grape variety can bring different flavors and qualities.

Cách chọn rượu vang và mẹo chọn rượu vang hảo hạng Quan tâm đến vùng sản xuất vang Le Vista

It must be said that the wine production region directly affects the taste and aroma of the wine bottles. This is a way of choosing that requires you to be knowledgeable about the wine-producing region to analyze and evaluate the best wine bottle.

Tips for choosing wine

Determine the purpose of wine use

This is the first thing you need to pay attention to when looking to buy wine, your purpose is to enjoy it at dinner parties or as gifts for relatives or friends. If you determine the wrong purpose, it is easy to make the wrong purchase.

If the purpose is to enjoy, then you should choose wines from the old world country group because this is a simple structure with reasonable prices.

Cách chọn rượu vang và mẹo chọn rượu vang hảo hạng Xác định mục đích sử dụng rượu Le Vista

If you are a wine lover, choose new bottles to experience many exciting and new sensations.

For gifting purposes, choose mid- to high-end wines from France, Italy, Australia, Chile… to express your heart.

Choose wines by country

Wine is produced all over the world but each country has different methods of growing and cultivating grapes as well as nature.

In the old world countries such as France, Italy, and Spain, wine is often complicated and difficult to drink, requiring you to have a certain understanding.

Cách chọn rượu vang và mẹo chọn rượu vang hảo hạng Chọn vang theo quốc gia Le Vista

For countries belonging to the New World group such as Australia, Argentina, Chile, etc., the typical flavor of the wine has a strong and ripe fruit aroma as well as a simple texture, suitable for those who are new to wine. .

The above article has shown you how to choose the best wine and tips on how to choose effectively. We believe that you will make the right choices thanks to these insights. Do not hesitate to come to Le Vista to own yourself delicious bottles of wine.