When it comes to wines, it is impossible to ignore Australian wine, because of its excellent taste and very reasonable price. Therefore, Le Vista builds the premium Australian wine brand Le Vista Shiraz to serve Vietnamese consumers.


Australian wine brand Le Vista Shiraz

Australian wine does not have a long history compared to other countries in the world, but since the first wine bottles were born in 1791, Australia has become famous for its excellent wine brands.

Wine is produced across Australian states, with more than 60 recognized wine regions and 1,000 liters of wine per year globally. This shows the quality and prestige of Australian wines.

In which, Le Vista Shiraz wine brand must be mentioned, which is the choice of wine connoisseurs. Le Vista is one of the trademarks of Legacy Pacific, inherits and develops based on the reputation of Swanbrook Winery ranked second in the gardens with the oldest grapevines in the Swan Valley, Perth, Western Australia.

The Shiraz grape variety is carefully selected by Le Vista as well as aged and fermented according to strict standards, creating a finished product with a complex flavor structure, with an impressive initial flavor and lingering sweet aftertaste. As a result, Le Vista branded wines are highly appreciated and widely preferred by experts.

Le Vista’s founding journey

In 2011, during a trip to Australia, Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyet Le fell in love with wine for the first time. She was completely conquered with the elegant and impressive wine taste from this country as well as when standing in front of the raw ingredient field.

It is a field of grapes stretching to attract the eyes with the gentle cold colors of green grape leaves and accented by the arrogant and brilliant hot tones of the rose beds. The difference between Australian vineyards and other grape growing regions in the world is that the clusters of colorful roses always dominate the top of the vineyard, even interspersed with the vines.

It can be seen that the coexistence of two food lines in the field of raw ingredients contains a special symbiotic relationship. Whenever nature turns against the wind or when there is a danger from insects, harmful bacteria… the roses first sense and send warning signals to the vineyards with a moody, sad appearance and poor color. From here, the grape farmers will find a way to overcome the problem to protect the safety of the raw ingredient field.

Ms. Tuyet Le also shared that: “This proves the safe and strong development of grapes from Australia to produce very healthy wine products.” In addition, Australia’s climate with hot summers and cool winters has brought about attractive ripe grapes.

For that reason, she is determined to build a shiraz wine brand for Vietnamese consumers. After years of research and incubation, Le Vista was born in January 2019 in Western Australia. Le Vista then established a representative company in Vietnam in March 2019.

Coming to the Vietnamese market, Le Vista wishes to serve customers Le Vista Shiraz with a balanced fruit flavor that combines the richness of blueberries and the delicate sweetness of black olives.

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