Le Vista – Australian wine for Vietnamese people

Wine is one of the indispensable drinks on luxury tables, not only adding flavor to the meal but also bringing many health benefits. Each type of wine has its own unique characteristics from color, flavor, concentration … to bring different experiences to the enjoyment.

If you like the cool fruity flavors of the wine combined with the intense spiciness, don’t miss the Australian wine Le Vista. Let’s learn all about this Australian wine brand for Vietnamese people!

The Shiraz grape variety used for Le Vista

Shiraz is the famous grape variety that makes up the Australian wine brand. This grape variety has a thick, dark black skin that results in a finished product with an unforgettable rich flavor and color.

In addition, the distinctive feature of Shiraz grape variety is its acrid taste with high alcohol and tannin content. Shiraz offers fresh ripe red fruit flavors from rich blueberries mixed with the sweetness of black olives.

Not only that, Australia’s warm climate will bring a very specific flavor, different from the Shiraz grape varieties in other wine-making regions around the world. Shiraz of the land of Kangaroo also possesses the aroma of raspberries, especially with the addition of plums.

Australian Shiraz wine will bring a blend that spreads on the palate with intense and strong flavors and a finish with a spicy pepper aftertaste.

Le Vista – Taste for the Vietnamese

Australian red wine Le Vista is a wonderful blend of tradition and modern trends and is made entirely with the Shiraz grape variety. That’s why Le Vista is one of the most popular wines. What makes Le Vista brand is the impressive taste mixed with fresh fruit flavors with reasonable price.

When you open the lid and smell the wine, you will feel the aroma of ripe blueberries with a hint of black olive and especially, a gentle blend of oak aromas.

When enjoying the first sip of Le Vista wine, you can clearly feel the outstanding richness of blueberries blended in black olives. Besides, it is a moderate passionate taste, smooth on the palate as well as a long deep aftertaste with a mild spicy finish in the throat.

Possessing an appropriate concentration, Le Vista makes a strong impression on anyone who has tasted it. Not only that, the bottle also makes the viewer visually delighted with a deep red color. It must be said that Le Vista not only makes the audience surprised and impressed but also captivates right from the first time trying it.

The reasons why you should choose Le Vista

If you are looking forward to owning premium wine bottles under the Le Vista brand, do not hesitate to contact Le Vista Vietnam. Le Vista offers Vietnamese consumers 3 choices, which are Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label, Le Vista Shiraz White Label and Le Vista Shiraz Limited Edition. With these 3 bottles of wine, you will have different unique experiences, conquering all audiences including the most demanding customers. When buying alcohol, you can rest assured because:

  • Products before reaching customers are always checked for quality from the origin to the production process as well as a commitment to only sell genuine quality wine.
  • When customers put their trust in Le Vista, we make sure to take care of the quality from the wine to the experience.
  • All bottles of wine are stored in an ideal environment to ensure the output product is always of the best quality and flavor.
  • Absolutely say no to selling hand-carried goods as well as goods that cannot be proven about the origin of the product.
  • Reasonable price policy goes hand in hand with excellent wine quality.

Above are the feelings about the fine Australian wine Le Vista Shiraz. We believe that this is a companion for luxurious Vietnamese parties as well as most holidays. If you need advice or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Le Vista’s consulting team right away!