Instructions on how to enjoy wine properly

Enjoying wine is regarded a special art because you have to use all your senses to feel the full flavor of this drink. If you are struggling to know how to enjoy wine properly, the following article is for you. Let’s learn with Le Vista how to enjoy the best wine!

Hướng dẫn cách thưởng thức rượu vang đúng điệu Le Vista

Enjoy the wine through your eyes

You should use a clear glass to enjoy wine for visual satisfaction before tasting. To achieve this, tilt the glass at a 45 degree angle in full light against a white background.

If the color of the wine is dark red, it means that the alcohol content is between 13% and 15% and also indicates a long aging time. Conversely, if the color of the wine is light red or pink, the alcohol content is at 12.5%.

Cảm nhận rượu vang qua thị giác Le Vista

Many people often overlook this, but looking at the wine before enjoying it will help you get used to this drink. Whether the wine is delicious or not, it must first attract the eyes of the drinker.

Feel it by turning and gently shaking the wine glass

After enjoying the wine through your eyes, shake the wine glass gently in circles for 3 to 5 seconds. This process will cause the film on the surface to melt, from which the aroma of the wine spreads out gently.

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You continue to observe the wine glass, if you see more and more drops of wine on the side of the glass, it means that this wine is more acidic, creating a bitter feeling in the palate after drinking. In addition, shaking wine not only helps the drinker to determine the consistency of the wine as well as stimulates the sense of smell and taste.

Enjoy the wine through the scent

Before enjoying the first sip of wine, you should feel the aroma with your sense of smell because you will be able to appreciate and distinguish the distinctive aromas of the grape varieties.

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However, wine has different aromas including the following main notes:

  • Level 1: At this level you will feel the original smell of grapes. Level 1 wines will have fruity, floral and herbal aromas.
  • Level 2: The scent of this level occurs when the acidity in the grape reacts with the alcohol. White wines often carry this scent, commonly with cheese and nut flavors.
  • Level 3: This is the scent that reaches its peak, often the fine wines possess this aroma, when the wine is aged in wooden barrels for a long time. Referring to the popular scents of this level of wine, it is impossible to ignore the smell of vanilla, leather, tobacco, oak….

Enjoy wine through taste

At this stage, the drinker should focus on the flavor that the wine brings on the palate.

Thưởng thức rượu vang qua vị giác Le Vista

When feeling the real taste of this drink, the drinker is often interested in the following factors:

  • Sweetness: This is the residual sugar content in grape juice and users easily feel the sweetness right after tasting the first sip of wine. However, the perception of sugar also depends on each person’s taste as well as the acidity in the wine.
  • Tannin: For those who love wine, the level of tannin is probably not too strange. This is the polyphenol component with antioxidant capacity. This ingredient feels dry on the tongue when enjoying wine. Wines with high tannin content will stick to the user’s teeth and lips.
  • Acidity: Wine is a drink that brings a sour taste in the mouth after enjoying it. Wines with a high acidity will have strong sourness, and low-acid wines will have a mild sourness.
  • Alcohol concentration: This is an indispensable factor when swallowing wine down the palate, when the alcohol concentration of the wine is quite high, you will feel a burning sensation in the palate.

The above has guided you how to enjoy wine properly like an expert. Le Vista believes that you will fully enjoy the excellent taste that wine has to offer thanks to this information. If you have any questions or need assistance, do not hesitate to contact our consulting team.