Instructions for mixing a glass of Absolut Juice Apple Sangria with Le Vista wine

If the wine attracts you with its passionate taste, the Sangria cocktail attracts the taste buds with its youthful, liberal and cool taste. Almost anyone who has tried Sangria once cannot forget its taste. If you are looking for an innovative Sangria recipe, then the article below is definitely for you. Let’s try making a glass of Absolut Juice Apple Sangria at home with Le Vista!

What is Sangria?

This is the name of a typical cocktail of Spain as well as very popular and favored by wine lovers around the world or in bars.

Derived from the word “sangre” which means blood in Spanish, the cocktail is made from a base of red wine combined with fresh sliced fruit and sweeteners, so this cocktail possesses the red color of power and strength.

Seductive – Fresh – Liberal is what wine lovers use to describe a glass of Sangria that captivates people just after taking the first sip. Sangria is also very special when there is no fixed recipe, so you can create a unique glass of Sangria for yourself.

Now, Le Vista will bring you an innovative Sangria recipe called Absolut Juice Apple Sangria with Australian wine Le Vista Shiraz.


Ingredients to be prepared

Here are the ingredients needed to make a delicious cocktail:

  • 60ml Le Vista Shiraz red wine (You can choose 1 of 3 types: Le Vista Shiraz Limited, Le Vista Shiraz White Label, Le Vista Shiraz Gold Label)
  • 45ml Absolut Juice Apple – vodka flavored with apple juice
  • A few drops of bitter wine
  • 15ml Triple Sec (liqueur)
  • 1 orange
  • 1 apple
  • 2 grapes
  • Ice cubes

Details on how to make Absolut Juice Sangria

Step 1: Prepare ingredients

This step is the preliminary processing of the fruit ingredients. Soak the apple, orange and grapes in water and salt, then wash them thoroughly. Next, you remove the stem and seeds of the green apple and then slice it into pieces, for the orange, you slice into circles of moderate thickness beautifully, and leave the grapes aside.

Step 2: Make the Absolut Juice Apple Sangria cocktail

The next step is to put 60ml of Le Vista Shiraz wine with 45ml of Absolut Apple Juice into a large glass jar, then continue to add 15ml of brandy and 15ml of triple sec and shake the bottle gently to dissolve.

Pha chế cocktail Absolut Juice Apple Sangria

You put the prepared fruits above into the jar and then add the sugar water, you can also replace it with any kind of syrup or honey. After mixing the wine and fruit, you put it in the refrigerator and let it sit for at least 1-2 hours, better yet, for about 1 day.

This period of time will allow your blend to balance the flavors together, with the sweetness of the apple and the slight acidity of the oranges mingling with the sharp richness of the Australian Le Vista Shiraz.

Step 3: Finish and enjoy

When enjoying, pour the soaked mixture into a glass and add soda and then add some ice cubes. That’s it, you have finished the Absolut Juice Apple Sangria cocktail with a balanced taste between passion and freshness, blending between sweetness and sourness. Now let’s enjoy this creative Sangria cocktail with Le Vista!

Notes when preparing Absolu Juice Apple Sangria

To successfully create a standard cocktail like a bartender, you need to keep a few things in mind:

  • Selection of fresh and quality ingredients: This is a decisive factor in the quality of cocktails.
  • Compulsory base wine: Australian wine Le Vista Shiraz is a perfect choice with strong flavors characteristic of the Shiraz grape variety.

Above is the alluring Absolut Juice Apple Sangria cocktail recipe. Le Vista believes that you cannot leave out this ideal drink for summer parties or picnics. Do not hesitate to try to make Absolut Juice Apple Sangria cocktail with Le Vista Shiraz wine to enjoy the great taste with us!