How to properly store wine?

Wine is well known as a drink that is easily affected by its surroundings. So if you don’t know how to store it properly, the quality of the wine will be changed, such as loss of taste, sourness or color fading… In the following article, Le Vista will guide you on how to preserve wine properly and effectively!

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Pay attention to wine storage temperature

Wine is a very temperature sensitive drink, so in order for wine to continue to mature and develop to its maximum, you need to store wine in the best temperature environment.

The ideal temperature to store wine is between 12-15 degrees Celsius and you need to note that no wine is allowed to be kept in temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius and below -4 degrees Celsius.

In addition, temperature stability is an important factor determining the ability of wine to maintain oxidation. This means that frequent or sudden changes in the storage temperature will negatively affect the oxidation of the wine, thereby affecting the taste and character of the wine.

Maintain the humidity of wine storage

This is a factor that more or less affects the taste of wine. Most wine bottles use cork made of wood to seal as well as prevent outside influences.

However, if the humidity of the storage place is low (dry), the cork is likely to shrink. This will result in air getting into the wine bottle.

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In an environment with high humidity (wet), the wine bottle label will easily peel off, worsening the aesthetic appearance of the wine bottle.

Therefore, you need to maintain an environment with air humidity of 60 – 80% to avoid causing effects on the wine.

Proper wine storage lighting

Light is the agent that destroys your bottles of wine. Normally, Vietnamese people like to display their wine collection in glass cabinets to beautify the house, but this action is completely wrong, making the wine no longer of good quality.

Làm sao để bảo quản rượu vang đúng cách Ánh sáng bảo quản rượu vang thích hợp Le Vista

Because UV rays from sunlight will damage the taste and aroma of wine. This is why wine experts often equip a cellar – where the sun cannot penetrate.

Posture of placing wine bottles

You need to place the wine bottle in the direction of the wine as this will accelerate the development and maturation process thanks to the wine’s contact with the cork.

In addition, wine also helps the cork to be kept more firmly in the bottle, in case the cork shrinks over time.

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However, this preservation method is only for wine bottles using cork made of oak. For wine bottles using plastic or metal cork, there is no need to place the horizontal position.

Isolate wine from places with strange odors

The cork of wine bottles is made of oak, so if the wine is exposed to the smell, the outside smell will penetrate into the inside of the bottle, thereby affecting the characteristic aroma and original taste. Therefore, it must be said that wine should be put in places away from strong odors such as onions, garlic, fish sauce, gasoline, etc.

Avoid leaving wine at room temperature for long periods of time

Vietnam has high temperature conditions, so if wine is left at room temperature for a long time, it will quickly ripen the wine, thereby losing its original delicious taste.

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Therefore, you should use a specialized refrigerator for wine storage if you want them to keep their inherent flavor for as long as possible. This will ensure that the elements of light, temperature and humidity are always at ideal levels for the best wine maturation.

The above article has told you how to properly preserve wine. Hopefully, you will own the best wines that mature in the best environment with this information. If you need advice or support, do not hesitate to contact Le Vista’s consulting team!