How to pair wine with the right food?

In meals, wine is an indispensable drink, but to make your meal more wonderful, you need to understand how to pair wine with food. If you are struggling and do not know how to do that, you should definitely read the article below. Let’s learn how to pair wine with the right food with Le Vista.

Làm sao để kết hợp rượu vang với thực phẩm phù hợp Le Vista

The principles of wine and food pairing

For wines that are light and low in alcohol or have fruit flavors, they should be combined with light dishes. On the contrary, for heavy, alcoholic wines, you should enjoy them with fatty dishes or in large meals.

Meanwhile, sweet wines as well as sparkling wines should be combined with savory or spicy dishes. For wines with high acidity or acrid, fried dishes or pizza are the perfect duo.

Làm sao để kết hợp rượu vang với thực phẩm phù hợp Những nguyên tắc kết hợp rượu vang và thực phẩm Le Vista

If you want to pair wine with cheese, don’t forget that soft cheeses go well with white wines, and red wines can’t go well without hard cheeses. For wines with a high concentration, you definitely have to pair them with spicy cheese.

Also, keep in mind the four basic taste pairs to pair wine with food the right way:

  • Salt enhances bitterness
  • Sour strengthens sweetness
  • The sweetness alleviates the bitter and sour taste
  • Bitter taste reduces sour taste

What food goes well with red wine?

With light red wine and low alcohol content, it is often easy to pair with Asian and Vietnamese dishes such as grilled meat, fried meat, seafood… As for the wines with fresh fruit flavors, they are also good to be enjoyed with chicken, pork or Asian dishes that are slightly spicy.

Meanwhile, dark red wines with an alcohol content of over 14%, aged in oak barrels and with a strong spiciness, should be combined with dishes with rich flavors or prepared with red meats. Some suggestions for you are beefsteak, grilled venison or lamb, or some strong cheese.

Làm sao để kết hợp rượu vang với thực phẩm phù hợp Rượu vang đỏ kết hợp với thức ăn nào Le Vista

What food goes well with white wine?

White wine has a mild and slightly sour taste due to its high acidity, so white wines are suitable to be enjoyed with sour appetizers such as vinegar-oil dressed salads or Vietnamese salads such as coconut salad, mango salad, lotus root salad…

Paired white wines with a cool fruity aroma, seafood dishes prepared by boiling or steaming are the perfect choices. You can refer to the dishes of steamed crab or steamed squid with salt, pepper and lemon when combined with white wine.

Làm sao để kết hợp rượu vang với thực phẩm phù hợp Rượu vang trắng thì kết hợp với thức ăn nào Le Vista

What foods do rosé wine pair with?

Rosé wine has a refreshing nature from fruit flavors and has a youthful charm, so rosé wines are very suitable for appetizers or hot and cold dishes such as salads, seafood soups, and bell pepper salads with tomatoes…

Làm sao để kết hợp rượu vang với thực phẩm phù hợp Rượu vang hồng thì kết hợp với thức ăn nào Le Vista

Fish, shellfish and lobster dishes are also often paired with rosé wines. In addition, pairing rosé wine with Italian dishes will make your meal more wonderful as well as explode your taste buds. Try using it with seafood pizza, grilled sausage, spaghetti or grilled chicken… One thing to keep in mind is that you absolutely should not combine rosé wines with strong-smelling dishes.

Some experience for you

Here are some tips for pairing wines together:

  • Dry white wine before dark white wine
  • Next is rosé wine
  • Light red wine then dark red wine
  • Young red wine before old red wine

The above article has shared all the information on how to pair wine with the right food. Le Vista hopes that you will have the right choices as well as more delicious meals. If you need advice or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our consulting team!