Grape varieties that produce red wine

Wine is a fermented beverage made from grapes, so grapes are a decisive factor in the quality of wine. In addition, grape variety and grape quality will affect the aroma and character of the wine. If you are still wondering about the grape varieties used to produce wine, let’s find out together with Le Vista in the article below!

Những giống nho sản xuất rượu vang đỏ Le Vista

Cabernet Sauvignon

This grape variety is grown and developed in southwestern France, in Languedoc and Roussillon, in the Loire valley. In addition, Cabernet Sauvignon is considered the king of the red grape world with its popularity worldwide.

Những giống nho sản xuất rượu vang đỏ Le Vista Cabernet Sauvignon

This grape variety is characterized by its thick skin and dark red color as well as a lot of strong tannins and acids. Cabernet Sauvignon has flavors of black currant, black cherry, and cedar combined with toasted spices and light graphite.


Syrah originates in the northern Rhone valley. This grape variety produces a finished wine with soft tannins and moderate acidity, as well as attractive color and impressive aromas.

Những giống nho sản xuất rượu vang đỏ Le Vista Syrah

Most of the vineyards of wineries around the world grow Syrah grapes, including France, South Africa, Chile, California, Argentina and, of course, Australia. It is known that Shiraz is the grape variety that makes up the Australian wine brand. With the climate in Australia, wines made from the Shiraz grape variety have a very special and rich flavor.


Merlot is world famous as a trendy grape variety originating from the Bordeaux region of France. This grape variety can live and grow in many lands with different climates.

Những giống nho sản xuất rượu vang đỏ Le Merlot

If Cabernet Sauvignon is the king of the red grape world, then Merlot is the queen because this grape variety brings softness and flexibility. The typical taste of Merlot is a rich black cherry flavor combined with a slight sourness of plum and a little sweetness of chocolate.

Pinot Noir

It is the only grape variety from the Burgundy AOC wine region as well as having the ability to ripen early. Pinot Noir produces wines of seductive ruby red color with delicately appealing aromas and long, velvety soft tannins.

Những giống nho sản xuất rượu vang đỏ Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is the grape variety that makes up the success of the world famous foam wines, namely Chardonnay and Champagne Pinot Meunier.

In addition, this grape variety needs to be grown on suitable soils and has limited yields per plot to produce a finished product that optimally exploits the delicate flavors from the grapes.

Black Grenache

Black Grenache is considered the first grape variety used to make red wine in the world. The origin of this grape variety comes from the Garnacha wine region of Spain.

In addition, Black Grenache is widely grown in areas around the Mediterranean Sea such as Cotes de Rhone, Languedoc – Roussillon, Corsica and Ardeche.

Những giống nho sản xuất rượu vang đỏ Black Grenache Le Vista

This grape variety gives red wine a natural sweetness, so it’s not too bitter, but very smooth, combining with long-lasting color. Therefore, Black Grenache grape wine is chosen by many people at luxury parties.


Mourvedre, also known as Monastrell, is of Spanish origin. It is known that this grape variety is the second most planted in all vineyards of this country. Mourvedre is very sensitive to sudden changes in humidity but compensates well with high temperatures and heat.

Những giống nho sản xuất rượu vang đỏ Mourvedre Le Vista

Mourvedre is grown in soil in the Bandol region of France, producing rich, intense colors and high tannin levels. Winemakers around the world often blend Mourvedre grapes with other grape varieties to create fine red wines.

The above article has provided you with information about the grape varieties used to produce red wine in the world. Le Vista believes that you will choose the right wine for your taste and preferences thanks to the knowledge of the grape variety. If you have any questions or need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team of consultants!